Full Skull Helmets Warhammer 40k Age of Sigmar 3d printed

Full Skull Helmets Warhammer 40k Age of Sigmar

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A full unit of 10 warriors can now go into battle with their heads fully encased in a skull!  And a super fine realistically detailed skull, with spikes on top for the champion or sergeant!   These are more the size for 40k.  (I have a slightly smaller version with all smooth skulls in the Shop too for more normal human scale heads.)

These would be great for Chaos of most any sort, but also certain loyalist chapters like the Death Company of the Blood Angels, or Silver Skulls of the Space Marine Astartes.  Shown in Frosted Ultra Detail plastic, and also gray Krylon spray primer, and also glued onto my not yet painted Sons of Malice bikers for scale.  Also shown is how to clip them from the sprue, at an angle to minimize the amount of sprue to scrape off with an X-acto type hobby blade...as always wear safey glasses and protect your fingers with tape or thimbles if needed!

Also please feel free to message me with any custom requests, or I can make an entire sprue of one type of helmet or do custom quantities in some cases (depends on what fits on the sprue and if it's a suitable volume and configuration, etc.)