Cataphractii Iron Helmets Carapaces Warhammer 30k 3d printed Front view of a WIP Terminator converted from an old Obliterator

Cataphractii Iron Helmets Carapaces Warhammer 30k

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A full unit of 5 Terminators can have their heads protected in style with these Iron Helmets and Carapaces!  These are the cataphractii type for extra protection.   I made these to convert older models into Cataphractii types, because it's hard to argue against a 4+ invulnerable save, and I had a crapload of old Obliterators :D 

An even easier conversion, for instance, take some old plastic Berserkers, slap these on top, and then some of my Cataphractii Iron Skull shoulder pads, and WHAM World Eater Terminators!

Also please feel free to message me with any custom requests!  I'm always looking to add to my catalogue and always developing my 3D modeling skills to make ever more cool stuff!