CarvedMetal Bronze or Sterling Silver Horned Beast Skull Pendant Heavy Metal Neckwear

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Beast Skull by Carved Metal

Metal: Solid Bronze or Sterling Silver

Options: have a custom rune or symbol carved into the forehead for an extra $20!

Dimensions: 58mm from nose to horn tips x 20mm wide at base of horns x 10mm, thick and fully 3D

I have decided to make things to order rather than stock them most of the time. This frees up capital allowing me to explore new designs and tools of creation! If I do have an item in stock in will ship within 2 business days. If not please allow 2-3 weeks for me to make one for you. Making them one at a time by request also permits me to give each piece even more careful attention. Thank you very much!

About CarvedMetal Products: All Carved Metal products are expertly sculpted and beautifully hand-finished by a professional artist and jeweler, who happens to be me. All Carved Metal products are made in the U.S.A. All Carved Metal pendants will include a long black cord and come in a black pouch. Art by Carved Metal will last many lifetimes to become your personal artifacts, as they should be, only needing the occasional attention of a buffing cloth (avoid chemical cleaners on pieces with blackened details).
Wear them with pride!

I want you to be happy with your purchase. If you would like to return your piece for refund or exchange or credit for other Carved Metal merchandise or Carved Metal custom orders, please contact me no later than 14 days of the purchase date. Thank you!

I also do many custom requests, please contact me if you have any special one-of-a-kind designs you would like to have created....