3 Mechanical Servo Claw Arms 3d printed Painted and mounted onto Games Workshop plastic models

3 Mechanical Servo Claw Arms

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This is a set of 3 mechanical hydraulic looking servo-claws for any sort of sci-fi or steampunk toy or model you might wish to mount them upon!  The elbow joints are poseable so you could glue them in different positions, and 3 different degrees of claw openness are also included.  I used them for my Warhammer 40k Iron Priest Thunderwolf Cavalry, but they would be good for Warmachine too or any other table top game, or just neat little robots!  


For priming I have been using Krylon MAXX paint/primer spray.  For gluing I've good luck with Loctite Superglue if the joints are tight, but contact cement is also very good, though smelly (so use ventilation!).  Please feel free to contact me with any questions too....enjoy!