28mm scale Cat Helmets on Sprue 3d printed Base-coated helmets glued to biker models, not quite done yet :)

28mm scale Cat Helmets on Sprue

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What better way to make your 28mm scale sci-fi fantasy table top wargaming army stand out than to grant your troops cat-shaped helmets!  Augment their visual and auditorial senses with these highly detailed cybernetic cat helms!   Included are 12 helmeted heads: 4 regular cat-helms, 8 with occular lens implants for improved shooting accuracy, and 1 commander with single super-eye!   This is enough to do a Chapter Master, 5 Command Squad guys, and 4 Troops w 2 Sergeants for a Warhammer 40k Space Marines army.


You can get these in Polished Strong & Flexible plastic or the the Detail Acrylic plastic.  The Polished Strong & Flexible has a more grainy look to it though it will do the job fairly well.


The detail acrylic plastic is great stuff and comes out with very nice small details, and takes paint/primer nicely, with only slight layer line visibility out of the printers.  I recommend a lightly sprayed clear coat of satin, or possibly even gloss then satin; and then primer/paint.....in the sample image I only used Krylon SuperMaxx matte finish though and it's looking pretty nice, you can see the texture versus Games Workshop Warhammer 40k pieces there.


Thank you for your orders!  Please feel free to message me with any questions you may have or for other bits you need!